Alternative to Sleeping with Ethan Ullman is a radio show in Albany, NY that broadcasts on WCDB 90.9 FM every Thursday night from 10 pm to midnight ET. (7 pm to 9 pm PT)

In addition to WCDB, Alternative to Sleeping is also simulcast online in a number of places, including WCDB’s website and Comedy Pipe online radio.

Comedy Pipe online radio is a 24/7 internet comedy radio station that can be heard by going to iTunes>Radio>Comedy>Comedy Pipe, or through SHOUTcast. Alternatively, you can click HERE to have it open up in your iTunes automatically.

Alternative to Sleeping with Ethan Ullman became Albany’s only stand-up comedy radio show back in February 2009 when it was converted into a stand-up comedy radio show from an alt-rock show. (that happened to feature a lot of comedy music)

Initially just a show to hear stand-up and other comedy not often heard on radio, ATS eventually started focusing on original, live interviews with comedians and others related to comedy.

The interviews, at first, were mainly local comedians, but names like Lewis Black, Jimmy Fallon, Steven Wright, Bo Burnham, Robert Shimmel and countless others (that will eventually be listed on this site) started getting added into the mix.

As Alternative to Sleeping enters it’s third year, Ethan Ullman, the host, and person currently typing this, is hopeful that the hundreds of backed-up interviews will eventually make it online.

For weekly updates on the show, follow Alternative to Sleeping on twitter (@funnyradio) and ‘like’ it on facebook.